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New from Richard Panchyk

New! Escape '56 - Based on a true story of escape from the aftermath of the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956!

New from Triangle Square Books!


Escape '56 is a novel based on the life of young Elizabeth Molnár (the author's mother) and her family as they lived through the harrowing days of the Hungarian Revolution. The book recounts the story of the inspiring student-led uprising and the shocking Soviet invasion that followed, leading to Elizabeth's perilous nighttime escape from Hungary through the border woods in November, 1956. Weaving historical fact with the accounts of his relatives' dramatic experiences, Panchyk's cinematic, fictional narrative feels both personal and universal. 
When the Hungarian Revolution failed, more than 200,0000 Hungarians (two percent of the population) fled the country, fearing for their lives and an even more oppressive regime than they'd already endured. Elizabeth's adventure continues, first as a refugee in Austria, and then in the United States where she and her family start a new life with little money, few possessions, and almost no understanding of English. Escape '56 is a gripping novel, filled with historical detail and incorporating recollections from the author's mother, aunt, and grandmother. buy it now





An important and empowering history of and guide to the battle for our right to safe products and conditions--for younger readers.


Corporations enter our daily lives from the moment we wake up until we turn off the lights at night. Large Internet companies, health insurance companies, fuel and transportation companies--all play a role in our lives every moment of every single day. And yet what power do we have over their actions or intentions? None, except through redress in a court of law for any harm they may have done. This area of the law is known as torts, from the French word for wrongs.


Power to the People! offers a deep understanding of how civil actions work, through many examples and straightforward language for the middle-grade student reader. From Ralph Nader's 1966 law-changing address to Congress on automobile safety to the decades-long battle to raise awareness of the risks of smoking (cigarette and cigar smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, and has caused the deaths of more than 2.5 million nonsmokers in the last half-century), readers will learn how we must fight to protect ourselves from corporations that are more concerned with profit than our safety. Corporate America will listen, Panchyk argues, but only if we make ourselves heard. Power to the People! explores all the ways we the people can be powerful, too. Buy it now!