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Escape '56: "Gives us a sense of the drama and peril, the hope and disillusionment, of living through the failed revolution." — Historical Novel Society


Power to the People!: "Very clearly written...It is the most clear attempt to convey issues of power to young people in their own perceived self interest and ancitipation of their growing into becoming effective engaged adults that make a democracy proud of them." — Ralph Nader


Power to the People!: "It is never too early to recognize the awesome potential of citizen action and consumer activism—on the streets, at the ballot box and in the courts. This book recognizes that truth and invites a new generation to take the lead!"—John Nichols, The Nation


Power to the People!: [This book] lays out, in lively language, with vivid examples, how the balance between corporate power and consumer power has been central to the development of our rights to live healthy, safe lives, and how we, as consumers, must continue to protect ourselves."—Victoria Ortiz, author of Dissenter on the Bench: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Life & Work


Abandoned Queens: "Author Richard Panchyk is proving to be a most prolific chronicler of Queens history and its oddities with his latest release, Abandoned Queens from Fonthill Media.Panchyk takes the reader on a 96-page journey through places in the borough where the average person dare not tread." — Queens Gazette


Hidden History of  Long Island: "Amazing and unknown historical gems like these and many others are what lay in store for readers of Hidden History of Long Island by Richard Panchyk. Released by History Press just last December by the Elmhurst native, Panchyk, who has authored several historical books on Long Island, "Hidden History of Long Island" takes readers on a journey through many little-known historical events and places." — Queens Gazette


Galileo for Kids: "Fascinating . . . full of useful and insightful information. A good read." —Science Books & Films


Galileo for Kids: "Delightful and engaging as readers learn to appreciate Galileo's genius and integrity." —NSTA Recommends


World War II for Kids: "Lifts its subject out of the arid textbook world and into the living and breathing present." -- Big Apple Parent


World War II for Kids: "This well-written, well-researched book belongs on every bookshelf in American schools and libraries. A must-read book for kids and adults." -- Children's Literature


World War II for Kids: "Fun reading for adults and kids" -- Geri Nikolai, Rockford Register Star


Engineering the City: "Future engineers, math enthusiasts, and students seeking ideas for science projects will all be fascinated by this book." —Booklist


Engineering the CIty: "A terrific book to help you answer those tough questions about everyday structures in an urban environment...filled with useful drawings and pictures...loaded with experiments, design projects and construction diagrams." —Demolition


Washington DC History for Kids: "The book is full of great facts and stories that I didn't know myself—I'd love to use such a resource with my kid." —Thinking Outside the Sandbox


Archaeology for Kids: "This is an excellent book for young people." -- Kathryn Natale, Garvies Point Museum


Archaeology for Kids: "Clear and fascinating to read" -- Colorado Kaleidoscope