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Lieber Richard,
aus Erbach im Odenwald grüßen Dich und Deine Familie ganz herzlich


Dear Sir
I search Information about the Census from Budapest.


i need to know where the printing for the scripts are. want to see more? see the letter i gave you!


You should have an author picture!!!


I like it very much!
-- Willy from Des Moines

Can you give me tips about archaeology. Thanks

Hi Richard
We would like to invite you to have a book signing and discussion of your new book "Hidden History of LI" at the Quogue Libary. We are currently finalizing our next newsletter & would like you to be in it!
Thank you
Kathleen B. Johnson
631-653-4224 X 110


Dear Mr Panchyk


I am writing on behalf of Bexley Archeaological Group, a registered charity in Kent, England


Each year we have a cloak room style raffle in which the prizes are a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or last years unwanted christmas present of a car washing kit. This year instead of (trying) to entice our members along to a party where they can win these delightful prizes, I would like to send out proper raffle tickets, hence I need proper prizes.


In 2012, we were approved to be a branch of the Young Archaeologist's Club, where we teach children once a month from the ages of 8-16 (more 12 years old though) about history and archaeology. We are fortunate to have an on-going site where the children can experience hands-on archaeology - so they love finding bits of bone, pottery, clay-pipes etc.


Would you be able to donate one of your books as a prize? I will in return, advertise you on the raffle tickets, our website and facebook page.


If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


With many thanks and kind regards




Clare Lodge
Public Relations/Field Officer/YAC assistant
Bexley Archaeological Group


15 Parkside Avenue

Hi Richard,


Archaeology for Kids us really cool, for kids and for adults, too. And what an interesting lineup of other books. And thanks for the kind acknowledgement.


All the best,
Bob Paynter

dear Mr.panchyk:
hello. i am a iranian kid.i'll read your book.(archeology)
i'm 12years old.but why you didn't any thing about iran?
i now you wrote it for american kids.please write some books about iran.


Dear Mr. Panchyk,


Florentine Films, under the direction of Ken Burns, is currently producing a seven part documentary film series on the Roosevelts: Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor.


One of the stories in our film is about Theodore Roosevelt, enforcing a Sunday law that closed saloons on the sabbath in New York City. This resulted in alienating German workingmen who "wanted to drink beer on their day off",and who subsequently staged a large protest parade in the beginning of November 1895.


For some reason, I am having trouble finding a good source for the german immigrant community in NYC at that period of time, and haven't been able to find anything with the parade. Part of this I am sure is just due to my ignorance on the subject...which is why I thought I would check in with you after seeing your book about German Americans.


Do you have any leads on collectors/or collections with this type of material.


Thanks for your time and consideration. I am sure you are very busy.


With regards, Susanna Steisel,Florentine Films, PO Box 613, Walpole, NH 03608. 603-756-4141,


I may be available to speak at your library, please provide more details and contact me at


Are you available to speak at our library?