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Power to the People!

My latest book is all about you.


Yes, you!


It's about how one person can make a difference in this world. It all starts with one person and goes from there. It's a lesson I learned from Ralph Nader, one of the most civic-minded people America has ever known. His life's work is a model for how to be engaged and informed.


Apathy is easy and is born from a misconception that "I don't matter" and that "other people can do the work."


It's really up to all of us to make change happen, and it starts with you. And me. And every individual out there. 


We all have to do what we can - vote, write and call our elected officials, make wise consumer choices, file lawsuits when we are injured by corporations.


Too many people do nothing. I wanted to reach out to kids and explain our rights and powers and responsibilities as citizens, so that a few years later when they are adults, they will understand and exercise those rights and effect change in our country.


I enjoy writing about history - but I also enjoy writing about living topics such as this that are in effect a call to action.


- Richard Panchyk 12/22/21 

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