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New Books Published in 2020/2021:
Hempstead Plains from Above (February 2020)
Lower Manhattan Aerials Through Time (March 2020)
Abandoned Long Island II (September 2020)
Garden City: Pictures from a Pandemic (January 2021)
Dead Queens: The Cemeteries of NYC's Largest Borough (June 2021)
Power to the People (coming August 2021)
Roosevelt Field Through Time (coming September 2021)

An image from Westbury From Above (published September 2019)

RICHARD PANCHYK is New York's most prolific local history author, with 21 titles on a wide variety of subjects ranging from architecture to abandoned places. Overall, he is the author, editor, or translator of 40 books on a diverse range of topics, including children's nonfiction (astronomy, history, archaeology, sports, art, politics/government) and adult nonfiction (local history, architecture, historic preservation, and folklore). His works have been translated into seven languages. To order autographed copies of any of his books, to schedule book talks, or for more information, you may contact the author at

Check back soon for exciting news regarding upcoming releases, and for a chance to win a signed copy of Richard Panchyk's latest books!

Available in both hardcover and paperback:
The Keys to American History, a new history reference book for ages 12 and up, featuring more than 70 of America's most important documents and speeches along with background and illustrations. The book has received praise from Ralph Nader:

"Historical interpretations of key documents in our country's history can stray, can change over time and can be partial to the shifting sands of each generation. With this in mind, Richard Panchyk, an often published educational author, provides the literal documents that marked many dramatic changes, directions and expansions of the United States. There is always something refreshing in working through original documents. It allows a more pristine reflection on the uses of history. What is to be learned or unlearned; the comparative range of concern for the immediate and for posterity. How narrow frameworks collided with what turned out to be a spectacular bargain--the purchase of Alaska from the Russian Tsar in 1867. These documents speak of rebellion, courage, compromise, cruelty, greed, foresight, deception, freedom, prejudice, virtue, tragedy, vindictiveness, shifts of power, giveaways, equality, fear, aggression, rights, obligations, mobilization, land conservation and revisions--in short, the evolution of the U.S.A. Mr. Panchyk supplements these documents with contemporary opinions by public officials, the press and historians. Many of these comments educate us toward skepticism about the frailties of predictions and the occlusive efforts of narrow frames of reference. The book will help sharpen critical capacities and temper rushes to judgment that all generations are prone to commit, especially in this day of sound bytes, websites, blogs and supersonic information bits that pile up without being subjected to the tests of knowledge, judgment, and that trait called wisdom." -- Ralph Nader, 2008

The journal and magazine reviews are also in:

"A one-of-a-kind, easy to use resource" - Kirkus Reviews

"An engrossing chronicle of America's fight to achieve its highest ideals” – Curriculum Review

An "impressive collection" and a "valuable resource" - School Library Journal

Among Panchyk's other books are the award-winning and bestselling World War II for Kids, which is available at bookstores and museum gift shops across the nation, and can be found in more than 650 library systems around the US. This book is considered one of the top books ever published for teaching kids ages 9 and up about the war, and is used in schools and by homeschoolers from New York to Alaska. It features a foreword from John McCain and a letter from Bill Clinton.

Panchyk is also the author of the lavishly illustrated Galileo for Kids, which tells the story of the brilliant scientist Galileo Galilei, and features a foreword by the history-making astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

Panchyk's other popular books include German New York City, published as part of the famous Images of America series by Arcadia, the first-ever major book to cover the exciting story of the German population in one of the world's biggest cities (with nearly 200 historic photographs); Forgotten Tales of Long Island, a local bestseller about the quirky true stories from LI's past, including giant radishes and naked ghosts; and New York City History for Kids, an enthralling true story of the history of the Big Apple.