Richard Panchyk |Author of 33 Books|

Selected Works

This book takes the reader on a journey through American history, highlighting 70 of the most important moments in our country's history and providing the context for each of the keys to understanding our history.
A fun-filled thrill ride through Long Island's hidden history that uncovers fascinating remnants of the past.
A richly illustrated history of one of the greatest cities in the world.
A history of the Court with highlights of the important cases.
A history with 25 activities and numerous firsthand accounts by soldiers, sailors, marines, Holocaust survivors, and homefront patriots.
This book highlights ghosts, pirates, and very large radishes in Long Island's history
A book that teaches kids how infrastructure works, with fun activities.
A lavishly illustrated book chronicling the life and times of Galileo.
The primer on archaeology for kids of all ages. Used by schools and libraries nationwide, recommended by several organizations.
A full-color book on everything folk art, from quilts to paintings to tramp art.

Hidden History of Long Island

Long Islandís history is filled with fascinating firsts, magnificent mansions, and spectacular sports. Much of the islandís storied past was set into motion by the arrival of glaciers during the last Ice Age, which created the rolling hills and waterfront vistas that were ideal for vast estates, and the flat expanse to its south that was ideal for everything from farming and horse racing to military encampments and some of the countryís earliest and most historic airplane flights. In this book, Author and historian Richard Panchyk reveals the rapidly vanishing remaining glimpses of Long Islandís intriguing hidden history.